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Sun, May

The Faculty of corrections held a qualifying round here "Ciceronium-2018"

Annually in the Academy there is a competition of oratorical skills "Ciceronium". This year, the qualifying stage was commissioned to be organized at the Faculty of Сorrections.

For 25 years of functioning of faculty, such honor has been rendered for the first time. For a correct and clear organization, cadets from among activists were involved. To the presentation, photos of the participants were prepared, a program of the selection round was drawn up, topics were announced: "Reporting from the scene" and "60 years of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus".

In total, 18 cadets from the whole Academy took part in the qualifying round, 5 of which were represented by our faculty. As a result, Vladislav Pishchulin (faculty of investigators, 2nd grade), Margarita Gutsenkova (faculty of corrections, 3rd grade), Maria-Nika Zhukova (faculty of investigators, 1st grade), Anna Skachkova (faculty of law, 5th grade) and Parshenkov Illarion (faculty of investigators, 1st grade).

Konstantin Volchetsky, 2nd grade.
Photo by Nikita Derevyanko, 2nd grade