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Sun, May

Among cadets of the faculty there was an annual contest of readers

At the Faculty of Corrections there was a traditional contest of readers of poetic works.

13 cadets took part in the competition. From the stage there were rhymes of different genres. Speakers successfully selected audio and video accompaniment.

The jury consisted of officers and cadets. First of all, the intonation, expressiveness and artistry were evaluated.

Various nominations were in the competition. The third-grade students Margarita Gutsenkova was awarded "For Artistry", who spoke with the poem "Onegin's letter to Tatiana", and Daria Ivankovich, who read "I'm no longer 16". The prize "For the best musical accompaniment" was given to Anastasia Drobyshevskaya (1st grade), which read the poem "Ugly Cat" picked up a memorable composition on the piano. The duet of the first grade Nikita Furs and Yulia Sulima was awarded for the best design of the performance, they read the poem "The Ballad of a Smoky train".

Tatyana Shumarova (1st grade), Natalia Volchkova (3 grade) and Nikita Shaydin (2nd grade) shared the third place on the overall results of the competition. Victoria Kovchik (2nd grade), Daria Yakunina (1st grade) and Anastasia Drobyshevskaya were on the second place. The first place of the judge was deservedly and unanimously given to Artem Rudnitsky for the extraordinarily lively and artistic performance of the poem "The Black Man" by Sergei Yesenin.

Konstantin Volcheckiy, 2nd grade
Photo by Denis Kuralovich, 2nd grade